The 15th Gängeviertel birthday

Open Call for the content program of the 15th Gängeviertel Birthday

The Gängeviertel celebrates its 15th anniversary from 22 to 25 of August 2024 and cordially invites you to become part of the content program!

15 years. That was a lot and great, but also exhausting and challenging. This year, as always, there will be room for reflection alongside the festivities: Where do we stand? What drives us? And above all - where are we heading? The questions from the beginning are still as relevant today as they were back then: space - that's what people are looking for, especially in the crowded city. We claim many types of space for ourselves: living space, open space, space for interpersonal and virtual, professional and private matters. In this process, we can open up new spaces for ourselves. In the same way, places are constantly being taken away from us. Hamburg recently had to watch a wave of clubs disappear and more will follow. It's a never-ending story in which, fortunately, we have also written a few chapters. On April 12, the newly renovated building in Speckstraße will be inaugurated and we are working hard to ensure that all other buildings are maintained and ultimately renovated. In this context, we see the Gängeviertel as a place of rebellion; as a political space for activism, freedom, creativity and discourse; as a space of possibility for realization that serves as a nucleus for new ideas and thoughts; as a place that unites chaos and structure in one contrast - The Gängeviertel is a permanent construction site, just like the city of Hamburg and life itself.

‘The Gängeviertel - a 15 year old construction site - ‘ is about continuous transformation, but also about the improvised and changeable character of the project. The Gängeviertel is like an eternal provisional solution / perpetuum mobile that is constantly changing and generating new ideas and projects. It grows with its challenges, so to speak. In the course of this constant development, it is also about questioning our own uses, reflecting them anew and breaking them open: What is still viable in the Gängeviertel? What does the future of the space look like? How can already defined spaces be mentally demolished and reinterpreted? How can people shape the future in the digital realm and network far beyond structural and geographical boundaries? How can the project protect itself and what can be done to counter the new rightwing movement? How can the project become more intercultural, queer and cosmopolitan? How can it become more sustainable - socially and ecologically? What does civil disobedience mean? What tools and strategies for taking up space are available to the Gängeviertel and where the hell is the Gaffatape - it was right here before?

We invite you to reflect with us, learn from each other and, above all, to celebrate together and get involved: whether through interactive workshops, discussion rounds, artistic installations, performance, film, photography or other formats - your contributions should fill our spaces in a creative and inspiring way; interactive, political and spaciously.

Get involved and become active, submit your ideas, show us your concepts, use the space!
Analog, digital, hybrid, anything goes. Full speed ahead!

Last but not least: Fees - The Gängeviertel is a volunteer project, but of course we have also planned some budget for fees (solidarity model). Below you have the opportunity to let us know if you would like to request a fee and what costs would be incurred for your program item (material, travel costs etc.).

We look forward to your ideas,

with love,
your Gängeviertel

This Call for Papers closed on 2024-05-19 20:00 (Europe/Berlin).